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45 Pass Party Bus NYC, 50 Pass Party Bus NY, NJ Party Bus 50 Pass

This beautiful 45 Pass Party Bus is equipped with radio, CD, DVD, 9 LCD TV and 42 inch LCD and T/V in the bathroom. Lunch room with LCD TV, beautiful mahogany wood bar and disco floor, fiber-optic lights, neon lights, strobe lights, day color lights, stainless steel mirrors with fiber-optic lights.
Neon lights, fiber-optic lights, strobe lights, day color lights;
CD, DVD, LCD TV and more;
Mahogany bar with disco floor;

See it to Believe it!!!!

50 Pass Party Bus PA

45 Pass Limo Bus NJ,NY

NJ Party Bus 50 Pass -45 Pass

NY Party Bus 50Pass -45Pass

PA 50 Pass Party Bus-45 Pass

CT 50 Pass Party Bus -45 Pass Limo Bus.

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